A Shamanic Journey with Kim Braun

by Amalghemy

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This is a Shamanic Drum Meditation.
We recommend putting on headphones while listening to this.
Meditate with your eyes closed sitting up or lying down in a space that is comfortable to you. Take a deep breath in and let go of any worries you might be carrying for the next hour.
Call in the beings or guides you personally commune with in your spiritual practice.
Call in the love and the light of the Source.
Ask them to impart their wisdom and guidance to you through this music.
Allow the music to take you on a inner journey.
Have no expectations and see what happens for you.
You are loved exactly as you are.
Thank you for listening and taking time for yourself.

During the performances of our shamanic drum meditations people have communicated with their guides, seen spirits, experienced past lives, and been uplifted. People have said it gave them what they needed. Some cried others danced. Some felt they were on a psychedelic journey without using drugs and had vivid visuals. If you have a similar or unique experience while listening to this please email us we would love to hear it.
Recorded Live at Washington University in June 2017


released August 4, 2017

Vocals by Kim Braun and Sowande Mustakeem. Music by Chris Abart, Shivananda, and Sowande Mustakeem

Kim Brauns website: www.kimberlybraun.com
Meditation Coach, Author, Speaker
Life is all about coming home to ourselves, our fullest, richest, happiest and most peace-filled self! My path is all about facilitating this experience. It ever evolves from Carmelite nun, to ministry staff, to facilitator of many classes, workshops and retreats.

Now it has evolved again into the shape of author and speaker, hoping to speak a word of inspiration and let you touch Source within. You can also make a date today for yourself....private spiritual direction sessions are a massage for the soul.



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